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Spray tan richmond

Sunless Tanning

Before Your Appointment

• Prepare yourself: 

Before your appointment, use a nonoil based scrub or exfoliating gloves to exfoliate your skin, particularly the knees, elbows, neck, chest, shins, and face. Do NOT use a moisturizing soap or body wash (especially Dove) before you tan. Use either a clear body wash or a bar soap that is a bit drying. Coat any scabs or recent scars with Vaseline, and if you use a retinoid or take Accutane, talk to your doctor about going off it one week before your appointment. These can affect how the active ingredient, DHA, is absorbed, which can lead to a splotchy tan.


Shave at least 4-6 hours before your appointment. If you tan right after shaving, your pores may be wide open, and you may get little dots on your legs! If you must shave close to the time of your appointment, please make sure to splash cold water on the area to close your pores as much as possible.


Skin should be clean and dry before being sprayed so If your appointment is later in the day, you may need to shower before coming to remove any sweat and oils from the day. Don’t apply moisturizers, deodorants, anti-perspirants, oils, or makeup before your tanning appointment. They can affect tan development. If you feel that you tend to sweat a lot without anti-perspirant, you may wear a small amount so that you don't sweat out the tanning solution.


• Dress for the occasion: 

Wear dark, loose fitting, easily cleaned clothing to appointment (like cotton or polyester) and loose-fitting shoes i.e. sandals. Style your hair in a hairclip or ponytail so it will be off of your face and neck. Bring an old swimsuit or undergarment to tan in, if you wish. (Be aware that wool, lycra, nylon, spandex, silk, rayon, and leather may stain) or use the disposable panties provided. Bring a towel to cover leather or light-colored seats, especially if you are wearing shorts or a skirt. If it is raining or snowing, be sure to bring an umbrella and/or hoodie. If you get rained or snowed on, you will streak or spot!

After Your Appointment

• Make it last:  

Day of Spray Tan: It's best not to let your skin get wet for at least 4-6 hours this includes sweat as well. For your first shower simply rinse gently with warm water, do not use any soaps/washcloths/loofas. Pat, don’t rub skin dry. Apply a moisturizer or body butter to shower damp skin. (If you like, you can use a tan extender lotion.) Moisturize again before bed with a moisturizer of your choice. (NOT Curel or Dove – these have ruined tans!)


Day 2 and on: Avoid exfoliating skin. Some products can cause faster fading – bar soaps, alcohol based products such as toners and astringents, products that cause exfoliation such as AHAs, BHAs, Retin-A, etc. (anti-aging, anti-acne, regenerating, renewing). Try to shave your legs as infrequently as possible but if you must shave make sure that you shave with a sharp razor to avoid exfoliating skin. Moisturize once or twice a day (after showering and before bed); with natural products like Coco Butter or a Vitamin E Cream and if you choose, apply an extender (self tanner) once a day or every other day. Avoid Hot tubs, swimming pools, and even extended time in the ocean because it can take off your tan.

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