best salon richmond virginia
Stylist since 2004 & Owner
genuine | wine snob | matter-of-fact

If she's not at the salon, Megan is undoubtedly at home chasing around her non-stop son, Ollie, and then enjoying a glass of Auros wine once he's finally gone to bed!

Megan loves Davines'

Curl boosting mousse because it's great for both straight and curly styles.

Megan loves Comfort Zone's

Tranquility line of products because of it's light  & calming scent.

davines hair salon
jack of all trades | creative |  enthusiastic 

If it involves decorating, themes, sparkles, or tie dye Amanda will 100% be involved...she's called "Martha" for a reason

Amanda loves Davines'

SOLU scrub shampoo because it give your hair volume while keeping it clean for longer!

Amanda loves Comfort Zone's

Skin Regimen's microalgae essence because it's super hydrating and goes great under sunscreen & other moisturizers!

nele facials richmond va
Esthetician since 1993
open minded | happy | calm under pressure

It's Sunday; Nele's binging the Real Housewives, feet propped up on her POÄNG (thats "Ikea" for ottoman) and enjoying some chocolate. 

Nele loves Davines'

Nourishing Pak because it makes her "natural" blonde hair silky and strong.

Nele loves Comfort Zone's

Sublime Serum because it makes her glow like the true goddess she is on the inside.

Eric Michael_edited.jpg
Eric Michael hair stylist richmond
Stylist since 2000
upfront professional with a little quirk!

Yes, Eric Michael spends a good amount of his spare time at the gym but it pales in comparison to the hours he's put in antiquing!

Eric Michael loves Davines'

DEDE because it's the perfect fit for every hair type!

Eric Michael loves Comfort Zone's

Essential face wash because it's good for all skin types and leaves no excuse for not taking care of your skin!

brandon perry stylist richmond
Stylist since 1997
vibrant soul | energetic | great listener

On his days off you'll find him flipping between BRAVO and the History Channel if he's not out riding rollercoasters or getting tarot card readings.

Brandon loves Davines'

This is a dry texture spray because it leaves the hair with a "worn-in" look

Brandon loves Comfort Zone's

Sublime eye cream. They keep his eyes tight and bright!

kristy stylist richmond
Stylist since 2004
the salon's resident southern belle

If you're at Target, Costco, Anthropologie, or a jam band festival chances are you'll run into Kristy.

Kristy loves Davines'

OI Oil because it smells divine and keeps the hair shining bright like a diamond.

Kristy loves Comfort Zone's

Skin Regimen cleanser because it takes off make-up, sunscreen, & removes toxins from your skin.

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chris stylist richmond
Stylist since 2007
little engine that could | educator | animal lover

This Mexican food addict loves some HGTV and is always in search for a scary movie that is actually scary... suggestions?

Chris loves Davines'

SU hair & body wash because it's helps hydrate sun exposed skin & hair plus it's great for vacay with it being a 2 for 1!

Chris loves Comfort Zone's

Skin Regimen HA booster because it keeps you looking young by hydrating and plumping your skin..

sarah stylist richmond
Stylist since 2002
cool as a cucumber | film buff |  meticulous

Don't be fooled by her serious stare, Sarah is a friendly comic book & Disney fan who can rattle off "useless" trivia like she's on Jeopardy! 

Sarah loves Davines'

Replumping system because it's awesome affect on fine delicate hair.

Sarah loves Comfort Zone's

Remedy cream to oil cleanser because it leaves her sensitive skin feeling refreshed and silky.

sherri stylist richmond
Stylist since 1986
positive & comfy like a  blanket on a rainy day

Sherri loves all of your standard favorites, you know, like dark chocolate almonds, NYC bagels, and of course dark twisted murder mysteries!

Sherri loves Davines'

VOLU mist because its lightweight height perfection!

Sherri loves Comfort Zone's

Skin Regimen retinol booster because who doesn't love instant gratification?

Stylist since 2019
personable |  lighthearted |  laid-back

There's nothing Taylor loves more than going out to a new restaurant and trying their signature gin cocktail...except for her cat Oswald and of course her pup Liz!

Taylor loves Davines'

Texturizing serum because it gives the perfect piecey finish to her blowdrys!

Taylor loves Comfort Zone's

Skin Regimen enzymatic powder because of the way it gently removes impurities to reveal glowing skin underneath!